Automatic and smart care of plants by proper watering and their monitoring.


The Idea:

To make the irrigation system in gardens, farms and backyards more smart and automatic. Also to monitor the soil conditions.


I have observed many a times that in some parks, water is not given properly to plants. There is overwatering (like a lot) at some plaes and completely dry (where vegetation dies) in some other. Across the Globe. almost 30% of irrigation water is wasted in over watering. To solve that I planned to make a device that controls the irrigating system properly. So that there is no over watering and all plants get the "required" amount of water.


To solve this problem we can make a Internet connected device that controls he irrigation system. For better controls we need to also monitor the temperature as soil temps above 35C are also harmful for plants. And by watering little water we can reduce the temps. For Soil Moisture, a generic sensor can do the Job but a capacitive one is recommended.


Wemos D1 Mini // Small IOT device // Main MCU

Soil Moisture Sensor

DS18B20 temp. sensor // for soil temperature // along with 4.7kOhm Resistor if not inbuilt

A good MOSFET- Infineon CoolMos MOSFET // for DC switching // Most Irrigating Motors/ Pumps/ Solenoids operate in DC // And it has less V drop. // and less current to run.